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       Pioneer group traces its roots to 1961, when it began as an engineering services company. Today, The Chennai based company is one of the most respected real estate firms in the industry, Known for its diverse, Best-of-class portfolio of premier Chennai real estate that includes office, apartment, retail and new housing properties. In addition, The company controls rights to develop several million square feet of undeveloped land it currently owns.

       The Pioneer group success is built upon a legacy of thoughtful planning and stewardship, As well as a steadfast commitment to developing best-of-class properties â€?indeed entire communities â€?that provides customers unsurpassed services and experiences. In addition, the company has made diversification a priority, Creating a portfolio that spans product types and markets. Also, It established the exceedingly successful method Pioneer group uses today, Closely following the existing markets and identifying new ones that have characteristics of powerful growth potential. The firm’s diverse development capabilities are well financed and precisely aligned to take maximum advantage of every real estate opportunity they pursue.

Contact Us

No:22, Maharaja Surya Road, Venus Colony, Alwarpet, Chennai 600 018.

Tel: + 91- 9884800819

Email: info@pioneergroups.co.in

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